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Mandy Saks, thank you!!!

Exactly one year ago, I walked into Mandy Saks’ consultation. In my first meeting I 

knew that she was someone special. I was immediately taken in by her aura and totally absorbed in what she had to say. For the first time in my life, it all made sense. She listened to me about everything and joined all the dots that made me and I began to understand myself. We immediately knew we had a connection. My first consult lasted over 4 hours. It was a cathartic experience. At the end of it, I felt free - emotionally, physically and spiritually and at the same time but I had this reassuring optimism that I was starting over and having control. With Mandy, I learnt to put myself first and look after myself and with that, I could achieve any goal of mine. There were no judgements, just simple reminders that through this journey I would heal and learn how to approach life with a new perspective and zest. In that very consult I gave her my word, ‘Mandy, if this plan works. I will tell everyone about you.’ Within 3 weeks I felt a change, in 6 weeks I saw a change physically, spiritually and mentally and within 12 weeks people around me saw a difference. True to my word, I told everyone I knew about her. I tell you all now again ‘Mandys Way’ works. Start your journey and change your life !!! 

Thank you Mandy Saks, for the friendship, the love, the learning. You, are my person. Thank you for the trust you have in me to have this collaboration of Shazeats#MandysWay. We made a pact together that we wanted to change peoples lives and make a difference, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want people in situations in having a balance of all that is good. Life is beautiful ❤ #shazeats#mandysway#gratitude#trust#love#learning# 

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