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Nutrinibbles Protein Bites Oats

Cold fronts are in the forecast, so start your morning with something warm! Take that bowl of oats to the next level with this recipe. 

I'm all about having a little treat now and again and you’ll love this Nutrinibbles Protein Bites with oats – it’ll fill you up while satisfying your sweet tooth. ... Sweetened with dates, nuts, cacoa, banana, cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. 

This nutrient packed breakfast is perfect when you wake up on a cold morning and want something warm to kick off the day the good carbs give you an energy boost while keeping hunger at bay. 1 cup cooked Oats mixed with 1 tbsp protein powder. 1 banana sliced 2 Nutrinibbles Protein Bite chopped Sprinkle of cinnamon Drizzle of honey 

This recipe serves 2: Layer a bowl or cup. Start with 1. Oats 2.Sliced banana 3. Chopped Nutrinibbles Protein Bites 4. Oats 5. Banana 6. Oats 7. Nutrinibbles Protein Bites 8. Drizzle of honey 9. Sprinkle of cinnamon 10. Eat away !!!

Stockists of Nutrinibbles Protein Bites Engen Garage, Oxford Road Tyrone Fruit Shop, Parktown Oaklands Fruit Shop, Oaklands @shazeats_mandysway @crosbymedical @baked_on_grant @yummy_mayfair @nakedcoffee_ @efcgym_sandton 

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