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Iftar - The Fast Breaking

Iftar, served after sunset is traditionally observed by breaking the fast with eating dates before any other meal. Today’s first fast I did a traditional meze that contained a Taboulah Salad, Turkish Bread, Labneh, Dukkah and Slices of Cucumber and Olives. Although I feel all of what I have listed was so delicious and satisfying however in my home air fried samosas and haleem are an add on must. Savouries are entwined into tradition and culture and no Ramadhan in my home goes without them. Keeping traditional foods on the menu while tweaking family favorites keeps that Ramadhan and festive feeling alive and creates memories especially with children. It always makes me think of my family back home and how mum would prepare for this auspicious month. Tweak family favorites, eat in moderation, be healthy but don’t deprive ....make it sustainable. Healthy living always !!!! 

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