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Holiday Tips

December 23, 2017

While it’s important to rest and rejuvenate, work in a bit of exercise to burn off calories. You could dedicate yourself to a few daily laps of the pool, swim in open water, check out the nearest tennis courts, or hit the dance floor in the evening. Whether it’s a walk along the beach, snorkelling or swimming, aim to spend at least 10 minutes of every hour on your feet. Even if your summer holiday usually consists of lying on the beach with a book, take a romantic barefoot stroll along the beach each evening or walk to check out the nearest town and refuel with ISO Whey Protein.

The ISO Whey Protein is not only excellent to build lean muscle and recover from hard workouts but the whey protein powder is an excellent supplement to help you maintain a healthy weight. Protein helps keep you full and gives your metabolism a boost. Use the ISO Whey protein powder as a dietary supplement, not as the crux of an eating plan just to lose weight. Exercising along with eating balanced, whole foods as advised by the @shazeats_mandysway nutritional eating plan will help you reach a healthy weight, optimize training and have better tone and shape of the body. The ISO Whey Protein comes in two flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate. It’s packaged in light sealable packets which is ideal for traveling and taking it away on holiday and using it as fuel for the body as a snack meal or perfect after a swim, run, cycle or a gym session wherever you are.

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