Vietnamese Summer Rolls or Chinese Spring Rolls, Hilton JBR, Dubai

December 27, 2017

What would be the healthier choice? 


When deciding it really comes down to two things preparation method and wrapper.

Summer rolls, are fresh rolls containing raw vegetables with a cooked protein and are wrapped up in a translucent rice paper. 

Spring rolls, which usually contain a cooked protein and vegetables are deep fried and have a crispy, golden wrap. The pastry is usually made of wheat flour and egg.

So what’s the better choice .....anything that is fried will be accompanied by excess calories and fat, so a chinese spring roll should not be of first choice. Fresh summer rolls, cuts out half the amount of calories and fat. Not only are summer rolls better by comparison, but they’re actually a healthy choice and a low-calorie way to fill up on all the nutrients and benefits of raw vegetables and protein.

This does not mean you should never eat a spring roll again. Just be aware of the hidden calories and fat, and enjoy them sparingly or better still use an air fryer to crisp them up. Remember it’s all about balance not clean. Ea