Proats, Protein Oats

January 3, 2018

The supermarkets in London are filled with healthy convenience food items so that there are lots of options for people to make healthy choices in the new year. Oats are a big thing, the varieties are endless, from protein oats, to oats with nut butters and overnight oats. The best thing is that they are simply made up and are great for a breakfast on the go. No need to cook or heat up in a microwave; just add hot water, stir, wait for two minutes and enjoy!

In South Africa we don’t have the luxury as yet of the variety of instant oats but homemade proats have always been my favorite. Also known as protein oats, they are the easiest, most delicious snack or breakfast. Proats are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Add a heap of blueberries to your proats and your breakfast is loaded with antioxidants that assist cognitive function, this is why they’re often nicknamed ‘brainberries’. Regardless of whether you’re into apple flavoured oats, hot chocolate oats or any of the other options available when it comes to taste, there’s a protein oats recipe out there for everyone. Here are some @shazeats_mandysway