Chocolate Overnight Steel Cut Oats Topped With Berries

February 20, 2018

Oats are a breakfast staple for many, whether it's a bowl of porridge, granola with fruit or even in muffins.
My go-to oat type is rolled oats but sometimes I like to change it up with steel-cut oats.

Steel cut oats are closest to their original grain form. They are made when the whole groat is cut into several pieces with a steel blade it takes longer to cook but has a nuttier taste and a chewy texture. Steel cut oats could be considered a "power food" because they are an excellent source of protein, soluble and insoluble fiber and select vitamins and minerals. The benefits of steel cut oats exceed the benefits of rolled oats because of the way they are processed.

Steel cut oats have 5 g fiber per 1/4 cup dry oats, including 2 g insoluble fiber

Steel-cut oats are a good source of protein providing 7 g protein per 1/4 cup serving

Steel-cut oats are a whole grain product and as such are naturally good sources of B vitamins and iron. 


This nutritious breakfast is absolutely delicious! Serves 2-3

* 1 cup Steel Cut Oats
* 2 cup Fat Free Milk * 2 tbsp fat free yoghurt * 2 tsp Cocoa Powder
* 2 tbsp Chocoalte ISO Whey Protein Powder * Dash of cinnamon

1. Whisk the milk, yoghurt, cocoa powder,