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Shazeats brings you meal prepped boxes as well as ready made meals to change your everyday lunch habits and eat fresh and healthy meals at work.
My focus is on providing appetizing and tasty food, made from the freshest ingredients, served with flair and style. 
  • Source locally-grown, whole-food ingredients - jam-packed with natural flavors and all the nutrients you need to thrive.
  • Create a mouth-watering weekly menu from scratch - inspired by incredible international cuisines & approved by a nutritional health coach.
  • Cooked low in fat using different flavors to optimize taste.
  • Halaal
  • Our delicious dishes are packed into eco-friendly, oven & microwave-safe containers.
Two options:
1. Meal prepped boxes
Place your orders with @shazeats or @synnfree every Friday and you can pick up a meal prepped box on a Monday in Crown Mines, Houghton or Robertsham.
The box contains all the macronutrients you need for a healthy eating week.
All meals are prepared low fat with the freshest and exceptionally good quality ingredients.
A sugar free treat is included to keep your sugar cravings at bay.
There are no more excuses in not eating healthy, it’s now all done for you!
Menu changes every week.
2. Ready made meals
These are nutritious meals prepared daily using fresh ingredients. 
All meals are full of flavor and prepared in accordance with healthy eating guidelines.
When you eat well, you live well. 
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