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Cream of Rice with Vanilla Protein, Pistachios, Cardamon and Saffron

Cream of Rice is becoming a favorite for my breakfast choice. The best time to have this would be as a post workout meal as it is a high glycemic carbohydrate, it's easily digestible and keeps you full for a really long time.

It's Friday today and as always we have a traditional lunch after the prayer. At breakfast I suppose I had that thought at the back of my mind but today's Cream of Rice recipe was instantly made up.

I began to make the my cream of rice by heating up the 1 cup fat free milk and adding in the 2 tbsps of rice. As i was about to open the drawer for my wooden spoon I opened up my spice draw by mistake.

I saw my grounded cardamom spice and saffron strands in their containers and so instantly took a little of each and added it into the milk and rice.

As the rice thickened up I took it off the stove I mixed in the vanilla protein powder and poured the mixture in a bowl. I added some pistachios, a few more stands of saffron and a light drizzle of honey on top.

After having that at the start of the day the good weekend feeling set in. Yes, yes, yes, I know this cream of rice that just concocted up is a VANILLA PROTEIN KHEER!!!!

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