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Peri Peri Chicken and Yellow Tastic Spice Rice

This recipe looks as if you've gone to so much effort but is done ever so quickly and is a family favorite. It's great with a carb, rice, pita or a wrap and really flavorful for a salad. Bottled sauces make cooking life convenient and easy. It's ok to make life simple ......: Peri Peri Chicken 6 chicken fillet cut in half through the middle . Marinate the chicken fillet with these ingredients for a few hours: 3 tblsp lemon juice 2 tsp crushed garlic 1 tsp dry parsley Salt and pepper to taste

Set aside the Nandos Medium Peri Peri Sauce for later.  1. In a large bowl combine marinade ingredients and mix smooth. Add chicken and evenly coat the pieces. Cover and refrigerate 4-8 hours. 2. Spray and cook on a grill plate on high heat. 3. Grill on each side for 4-5mins until the chicken is done. 4. Place the fillets in a pot and pour the Nandos medium peri peri sauce on top and close the lid. In the steam of the chicken the sauce will soften and amalgamate the chicken. Recipe for the Yellow Tastic Rice Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil and braise 1/2 onion chopped, 1/4 green, yellow and red pepper cubed, add 3tsp spice for rice, ¼ tsp paprika and some more salt according to your taste. Add 2 cup tastic rice, boil altogether and then steam the rice. Serve with the chicken fillet with rice a side salad and enjoy!!!!

Meal Prepping Video:

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