Khowse a pasta dish originally from Burma, is a family favorite I'm sure in many homes. In mine when it's made it's devoured for lunch, dinner and lunch the next day. On Mandy's Way I adapted the recipe so that it fits to the plan. I use fat free yoghurt for the curry and add only a couple of tablespoons of light coconut cream. All the fried accompaniments I just don't make, a sprinkle of coriander is enough. The meat is cooked with 2 tsp of oil and tomatoes and spices. There are many variations of how to cook the components of this popular dish. I like to keep all the parts separate and on the table and we build our own khowse..... though some may feel this may not be true to its form and can it actually called the us its khowse and when my girls and hubby make their slurping sounds on the table and lick their lips it's happy days for my eyes and ears. 

Khowse Steak or Chicken Curry  2tsp olive oil 500g cubed Steak or Chicken fillet One onion chopped 2 large tomatoes grated 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp ground cumin 1/2 tsp tumeric 

1 tbsp vinegar Garlic Ginger Salt Paprika Whole spices of your choice Cook onion in 2tsp olive oil with whole spices till brown add in steak/chicken  with ginger salt and Adar. Cook till moisture evaporates then add tomatoes and rest of spices and garlic till the curry is well Braised don't dry it out too much.

Coconut Curry 1 tsp olive oil 1 cup Fat free Yoghurt 3 tbsp Light Coconut cream 2 tbsp Gram Flour Green chili Salt Coarse red chillies Whisk together yoghurt, coconut cream green chillies, gram flour and salt. In a pot add 1tsp olive oil and coarse chillies when chilis sizzle add yoghurt mixture and whisk till thick on low heat. To serve Boil whole wheat spaghetti from Woolworths and lay in dish top with chicken or steak then the coconut curry sprinkle chopped coriander for garnish and serve. Top Tip : If you plan to have the khowse after 4pm as carbs are not allowed on Mandys Way, in the evening use the spinach and cauliflower noodles from Woolworths or spiralized courgettes as substitute it tastes just as good .  


London, United Kingdom

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