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Eat 5 Meals a Day

Fuel Your Body With Food 

Eat 5 meals a day and a sugar free Chocolate after dinner is a good treat. 

Meal 1 Breakfast: Chocolate overnight protein oats with fresh berries. Meal 2 Snack: Fat Free yoghurt with Nutritech Cinnabomb Protein, peaches and chia seeds Meal 3 Lunch: Zattar flavoured chicken, harrisa spiced couscous and yoghurt, mint and cucumber dip. Meal 4 Snack: Fat free cottage cheese mixed with sweet chili sauce and soya sauce glazed chicken kebabs Meal 5 Dinner: Prego spiced T-bone steak, gem squash filled with spinach and mushroom, medley of vegetables and a green salad 6. Treat: 1 line of Nova chocolate. 

Nom, nom, nom !!!! 


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