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Grilled Masala Chicken and Salad with Nova Chili Balsamic Glaze

Many have a problem of struggling to manage themselves and keep boundaries when going out for a meal, especially when going out in the evening. While trying to have protein and greens, one gets tempted to binge eat on carbs. This often leaves a lingering feeling of regret in your mind, that could have somehow been prevented. 

Well... this is what I do and is certainty one of my top tips for shazeats#mandysway. So...before going out for a meal, especially on a Saturday night I make sure that I have a salad and a protein at home. 

This is something that I am used too as it gives me a little feeling of assurance that I have had my fourth meal before my actual dinner. Although I am a little full I still have just enough space for the meal. As I have kept in mind that I have had a meal before my dinner, it allows me to have just the right amount of food so I won’t end up going overboard and choose items on a menu that are not suitable on shazeats#mandysway or that are completely unnecessary. Somehow with this top tip I’m able to make healthy choices and still enjoy the evening with eating a sufficient amount to keep me full without having a nibble or snack later on!!! 


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