The Best Baked Cheesecake by Noori Moti Joosab and Sadia Cassim shazeats_mandysway

Yesterday at a birthday lunch, Noori Moti Joosab made the most delicious, decadent baked cheesecake for dessert. The original recipe by Sadia Cassim was adapted to shazeats_mandysway by Noori. It just shows that Shazeats_mandysway is so adaptable and you can continue to even relish traditional cakes and bakes. 

The recipe was a revelation in itself and all of us who had a bite did feel that they had gone to heaven and back again. The cheesecake  is very easy to make and a delight to have with good friends and enjoy happy times. Thank you Noori and Sadia for sharing, this is just a super treat packed with protein and is a tantalizingly tasting experience!!!! 

The Best Baked Cheesecake 

2 tubs fat free cottage cheese 1/2 cup Suki sugar 200ml Woolworths reduced pouring cream 3 eggs 1 1/2 tbsp custard powder 200g chopped almonds 

1. Beat 3 egg yolks beat with 1/2 cup suki sugar. 2. Beat 2 tubs of fat free cottage cheese smooth with 200 ml of reduced pouring cream and 1.5 tbsp custard powder into the egg mixture. 3. Then beat egg whites and combine with the other mixture. 4. For the base, mix 200g of ground almonds and 1 tbsp of Suki. At the bottom of the cheesecake pan grease with some butter and place nut mixture on top. 5. Pour the cottage cheese mixture on top. 6. Bake for 45mins 180 and reduce to 160 for another 15 mins. Life is about celebrating birthdays, having cheesecake and standing underneath a jacaranda tree and marveling life’s beauty❤️ 



London, United Kingdom

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