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Carbohydrates are Good For You!!!!

Many people are often under the illusion that carbohydrates make you fat. If over eaten yes, you can put on weight but so can too much of any food. Carbs are necessary for a healthy, sustainable eating plan for life. @shazeats_mandysway you begin to see food differently, you see food as fuel. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for our body. You realize that carbohydrates are necessary in eating. 

These are six reasons why: 1. Carbs can help boost your mood. 2. Carbs can help prevent weight gain and even promote weight loss. 3. Carbs are good for your heart. 4. Carbs give you energy. 5. Carbs will keep your memory sharp. 6. Carbs help you protect your muscles. 

Join @shazeats_mandysway for the nutritional eating plan in January and learn not only about the importance of carbs but all food groups, how to lose weight, optimize training and have healthy eating habits for you and the family. Taking bookings now for next year. Eat well, live well !!! 

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