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A traditional recipe of melanzane parmigiana is a dish layered with aubergines, tomato sauce, white sauce made with eggs and tons and tons of parmesan cheese. When living in London it was my favorite order as a starter at Pizza Express (I think the best Italian franchise in London), I would dip into the melanzane parmigiana with thick cuts of garlic dough balls. Just yum, especially in the winter!!!! 

This is a healthier version adapted slightly from @jshealth made with just a tub of fat free cottage cheese instead of ricotta. Its layered with aubergines, spinach, cottage cheese and arrabiata sauce. It is a perfect side dish with any protein at night. Tasty, hearty, easy to make and fat free.

Melanzane Parmagiane 

* 2 aubergines sliced 

* bag of chopped spinach * Tub of fat free smooth cottage cheese * Box of Woolworths Arrabbiata Sauce * Dry chili flakes * Salt and pepper Method: 1. Take a medium casserole dish. Layer the bottom with arrabbiata sauce. 2. Lay the sliced aubergines then top with some chopped spinach. 3. Sprinkle salt, pepper and chili flakes 4. Then add dollops of fat free cottage cheese. 5. Repeat the layers again. 6. The final layer top with the arrabbiata sauce. 7. Bake in the oven for 40 mins at 180 degrees. 8. This dish is best served with grilled chicken or protein of choice, a side salad and of course some Nova Chili Balsamic 😋 #meal5#dinner#lowcarb#carbclever#proteinpacked#fatfreecottagecheese#grilledchicken#greensalad#novachilibalsamic#eathealthy#nutritious#shazeats#mandysway 

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