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Nana’s Story

Nana’s Story....

I started Mandy's eating plan in mid November 2016, after meeting Shazia at the gym. At that time I was desperate to loose weight which was just refusing to shake despite how much I ran and although I thought I ate little. I went from weighing 58.5 kg to 51.5 kg within 6 weeks. I learnt the following: Eat all meals (never skip), it's fine to eat carbs but just limit them accordingly to Mandys Way ( I live by that). This eating plan did one thing and that was it took away my sugar addiction, I haven't touched sugar for a year. I am super happy I am on this eating plan because for once I know what to eat and when, I will never go on a diet in my life again , what I learnt with @shazeats_mandysway is that it’s all about adopting healthy habits and making it a lifestyle. My running has also become very enjoyable and much easier. 

Join @shazeats_mandysway and learn about eating healthily as a way of life. 

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