What’s In My Lunch Box?

It is important to pack balanced meals to ensure that you’re getting all the healthy nutrients you need. My days start very early and I don’t go home till late. It’s imperative to me that I have food with me all the time. Whenever I go my prepped meals go with..... some meals are the regular things I have all the time and others have to be filling and appetizing enough so that there are no excuses to skip my meals. Meal 1: Breakfast - Eggs on Toast (at home) Meal 2: Snack - Protein Shake, protein balls, cucumber and carrot sticks, fat free cottage cheese and sweet chili sauce. Meal 3: Lunch- Gem Squash filled with Mexican chicken and a homemade salsa and an apple. Recipe of Gem Squash filled with Mexican Chicken and homemade salsa coming soon #whatsinmylunchbox#healthy#nutritious#appetizing#noexcuses#eatwell#livewell#preppedmeals#shazeats#mandysway 

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