Gem Squash filled with Mexican Chicken, topped with Fat Free Feta and Salsa. Salsa and Air Fried Tor

The filled gem squash is an appetizing and tasty carb clever dinner option. The tortilla, wrap chips are a delicious snack to enjoy but remember the carb intake you are allowed. They taste so good you won’t stop. ....

Recipe: Gem Squash with Mexican Chicken Marinate chicken in salt, pepper, lemon, garlic and parsley. In a non stick frying pan add 1 tbsp of olive oil. Add the chicken and flash stir fry. Then add in sliced peepers and onions and spinkle spicy nacho spice and toss. 

Boil gem squash and fill them with chicken and peppers. Sprinkle fat free feta and drizzle the salsa on top. 

Salsa: Make a salsa with cubed tomato, cucumber, red onion, peppers and pickled jalapeños for heat. Add vinegar and salt and pepper. Tortilla Wrap Chips: Cut the wraps up into quarters put in the air fryer for 4 mins at 180 degrees. Serve with salsa and gem squash!!!! 


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