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Testimonial, Lauren Levy, School Teacher

Lauren Levy, School Teacher her story: I joined @shazeats_mandysway in November for a 4 week programme with 5 of my friends. By the end of the few weeks we all felt healthier and committed to a new way of eating (fat free, low carbs). Shazeats_mandysway is a nutrional meal plan, for everyone, from busy mums to working mums it’s realistic and doable. With Shaz and Mandy constantly coaching and encouraging us through to stay on track of the detox has made us feel, incredible just before the holidays. Mandy and shaz not only are you informative and supportive but this program is an education in eating and it adapts to everyones needs. You have taught us to be patient and consistent and we have seen results. We have found a new confidence and we are proud of our results so far, we will persist in reaching our goals!!! We can’t wait to continue our journey in the new year. You girls are the best!!!Thank you, thank you 😘

Join @shazeats_mandysway in January 2018. 

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