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Louanne’s Story

Having yo yo dieted my whole life. I was almost certain that my relationship with food would always be one of deprivation and generally ending in depression. I had never really been successful in this area of my life. Even though it was something I had always yearned for to live a normal life with food. This dream has become a reality through the determination , love , guidance and care of Mandy and Shaz through @shazeats_mandysway. They have not only taught me that a positive relationship with food is attainable but also that one can still look and feel good while eating yummy healthy food. I cannot thank Mandy and Shaz enough for all the life lessons they have so selflessly invested in me and for giving me the confidence to lose weight and maintain it without sabotaging the process, which I always did in the past. No gratitude is enough. I will always cherish them and their eating plan and mostly their wisdom and friendship. Thank you Shaz and Mandy!!!! 

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