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Plateau Struggles

If you have had a couple of challenges of surpassing a plateau stage and achieving your goal weight over the past couple of months these are some top tips that @shazeats_mandysway suggests: 

1. Increase the amount of water you drink EVERY day!! 2. Try to add some extra exercise or lifting weights - just to get your heart rate up for about 10 minutes! That will boost your metabolism and start trimming fat! Weigh maybe once a week! Take a picture. Inches lost are better than pounds lost! (inches = Fat gone!) 3. Eat something first thing in the morning to jump start your metabolism. 4. Must "graze" and feed your metabolism small high protein meals/snacks every couple of hours. 5. Don’t let your calorie intake go under 1000-1200 as you must keep your body out of starvation mode. If you starve the body the body will store fat. 6. If you are having late-day hunger then have a protein shake. 7. Take pictures do not weigh, you will reach small goals which will give you better mental health, being positive about your journey is very important. 9. Focus on the changes of lifestyle you have and not the weight. How are you sleeping? Do you have lots of energy? How is your appetite? How are your cravings? How are your habits? If you don’t like your results CHANGE what you are doing! 10. Make sure you are getting enough good sleep every night. The 10 tips suggested are VERY important. Shazeats_mandyway is most effective when you commit to doing your part. Our bodies are pretty remarkable and it will accommodate for things you are doing so you need to keep it in almost a shock status so change up what you are doing.... that’s why it’s extremely important to book follow on consults so that your plan can be tweaked every now and again. See you in January 2018. Contact details on #shazeats#mandysway#lifestyle#change#reboot#metabolism#metabolismbooster#plateau#struggles#toptips#tweak#plan#shock#system#body#mind#positive#eat#hydrate#exercise#sleep#nodiet#healthylifestyle#balancenotclean#eatwell#livewell#healthybody#healthymind  

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