India Palace, Dubai

In any country finding Indian food for me is a must. I always crave the spices and flavors after a few days of having other cuisines. I knew for Friday Lunch the Indian Palace in JBR just doors away from our hotel would be just right. 

From the decor of Indian heritage being embraced to the smell that could transform you to the country itself. The restaurant had a traditional theme aspect to it that was accentuate by the ornate and elegant pieces plotted around the room. This really gave the feel and made my mind transport and paint to a Indian palace ar a banquet of sort into my mind. We were firstly served grilled papadums and an array of dips placed in beautiful petite, gold, tin jars. The sweet mango chutney was one of my favorites. Thereafter protein was much needed after the light starter therefore I opted for the healthy option of a mixed grill. Lamb kebabs, chicken, fish and prawns were provided that were grilled in a tandoor oven and with salad and the naan bread it completed the meal. My husband enjoyed the flavorsome classic dum biryani and my girls devoured the buttery, creamy makhani chicken. The buttery goodness was not a healthy option but gave them great satisfaction on their side. We usually have late lunches at 4:00 after our filling late breakfast/brunch this gives enough time for the body to be having it’s next proper meal with a light snack in-between. I feel the restaurant was a great example of a culinary journey resulting in myself being transported on an adventure by taste and the scenery and decor. Each sense experienced something different. My eyes transported me somewhere else with the decor and scenery, the smell of aromatic fragrances of spices made my nose twitch, my hands felt the various textures and my mouth got the whole experience and was the full epitome of the adventure. "Food is our common ground, a universal experience"- James Beard 


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