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Joe and the Juice, Wimbledon, London

Groovy music, healthy sandwiches and fresh juices !!! Couldn’t have asked for better place when meeting up with my bestie in London. She knows me too well. This is a chain juice bar from Denmark. Their concept is a bit different and designed for a hippier customer who enjoys the healthy choice and the experience with the food. Their coffee, juices and sandwiches are freshly prepared but the ambiance in their space is their magic. 

This place is a trendy to hang out, has music playing like in a club and you’re surrounded by innovative design. The staff are very jolly and enthusiastic and this just adds to the great vibe and the food. The juice and coffee menu has a great selection. I naturally ordered the ‘IRONMAN’ a juice of apple, strawberry and kiwi and a ‘STRESS DOWN’ an apple, strawberry and ginger juice. Both juices were refreshing and reenergizing. 

The sandwich menu although limited were done simply but superbly well. They are served warm and have unusual fillings to what is usually found in other coffee/juice bars. 

We ordered the ‘SPICY TUNA’ a gluten free bread, filled with tuna mousse, jalapeños, Tabasco, tomato and pesto. and a ‘TUNACADO’ a gluten free bread, filled with tuna mousse, avocado, tomato and pesto. 

Joe & the Juice my new favorite place in London, to meet friends, to catch up, have a good time and eat good food. Happy Days!!!! 

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