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Chip + Fish, Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush, London

Yes, Yes, I had fried fish and chips!!!! Shazeats_mandysway understands during holiday time and while traveling to places old and new its really difficult to stick on plan all the time. We all love food too much to deny ourselves or cut anything out, we feel better if we have a really balanced eating plan. It’s end of the year, enjoy the last few days of 2017 give yourself a break, accept and enjoy the moment of being relaxed or less strict, life is for living. and in January 2018 adopt strategies from @shazeats_mandysway and refocus and get back on track!!! Don’t feel guilty !!!! Make peace with your choices even if they’re not a part of the plan. Making a lifestyle change for the better to improve your health and wellbeing is not about giving yourself impossible tasks, creating feelings of unachievable goals and guilt, or worry, it’s about setting you up to be successful. 

Yesterdays lunch from ‘Chip + Fish’ was a battered fish and chips complete with mushy peas for a traditional taste of Britain. The batter was perfectly done. Chips were crisp and with malt vinegar tasted great especially when dipped into mushy peas. A special thank you to Oscar and his team for the top notch grub. There are other more authentic fish and chips restaurants out there, but this is an easy and tasty way to tick this food dish off your list if you're visiting London. Although there were long queues it really was worth the wait. Chip + Fish prides itself on the quality of ingredients and offers something for everyone: traditional cod fish and chips, haddock, soles, breaded whole-tail scampi, prawns, cod burger grilled salmon steaks and lots varieties of ‘chips’ like sweet potato and aubergine fries and they also have salad options. @chip&fish

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