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Protein Balls For Days, Planet Organic

. These protein balls are super delicious, protein packed and satisfying in getting rid of sugar cravings. They come in 3 different flavours and are freshly prepared in the Planet Organic shops everyday. 

Left to Right: 1. Nortolla Protein Balls 2. Coconut Protein Balls 3. Chocolate and Orange Protein Balls

Protein Balls are the perfect healthy option snack food. When starting a new healthy eating program like @shazeats_mandysway protein balls are ideal as a go-to between meals or before tackling a workout session. Being prepared with healthy snacks is an important tool in sticking to any healthy eating plan, especially on @shazeats_mandysway.

Anything that is protein packed is great. Protein is required for the support of lean muscle mass, energy levels, immune function, weight control and is the foundation for all enzyme activity needed for basic body maintenance and detoxification. Eat well, live well !!! 

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