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Wagamama, London

I’ve been going to Wagamama since my university days in London. A friend of mine originally from Hong Kong who was studying with me introduced me to the wider world of the culinary Asian cuisine in London in those days. I remember my first meal at Wagamama, there weren’t many around then and this one was off Baker Street, and behind Selfridges. We had endame beans, fresh apple and orange juices, a katsu vegetable curry and tepenyaki noodles. Back then I was a little dismissive of the flavours and I remember saying that I didn’t like the Katsu Vegetable Curry. But this time I actually went back for just that. As time goes on you develop the taste for flavours and time and time again it’s happened that I’ve always craved more of flavour that I haven’t always loved so much at first. Almost 20 years back I ordered exactly the same. 

The menu has changed from then some other items I used to enjoy have disappeared but Wagamama is a restaurant with a casual dining experience , open kitchens with chefs that serve Asian food inspired by the flavours of Japan. The menu, contains popular Japanese and Asian cuisine, such as ramen, teppanyaki and curry dishes. They cook all their vegetarian and tofu dishes separately if their are any dietary constraints. So if you want a quick, nutritious meal, Wagamama is a good choice. 

@shazeats_mandysway Katsu curry recipe coming soon....

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