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Paris with My Daughter

The City of Light is the City of Love and that includes the special bond between a mother and a daughter. Girls grow up so quickly...I had felt lately that I had not spent enough time with my older one due to exams that were followed by going away visiting family in Dubai and London. Being in London, it was the perfect time to reacquaint myself with my elder elusive creature before she disappears into high school and what better way to do it than a few days in fashionable Paris.

Paris is not only a city of light but a city of carbs, butter and sugar. It was a little difficult to stay on track with food and I did have a few treats. My daughter opted for many sweet things I enjoyed the savoury. I enjoyed the baguettes with tuna and salad while my daughter would also have a torte. I just like the French women do, just had a bite. When having a crepe, hers were smothered with Nutella I opted for lemon. We had macaroons but 2 were more than enough. 

At dinner a starter followed by beef fillet mignon with seasonal vegetables for me sufficed though my daughter had veal, potato dauphinois and a dessert. At brunch at Angelinas we shared the tier platter of mini crossiants, brioche and quiche and I opted for a pot of black coffee and my daughter naturally a white hot chocolate. Then finally at the airport we found a healthy eating food shop EXKI for quiches, soups and salads and a whole lot more. This trip was not over indulging but @shazeats_mandysway with a bit of BALANCE!! 

Cafes and Restaurants in Paris: Eric Kayser, Patisserie- warm baguettes, tortes and tarts near the Louvre. Trocadero Cafe Eiffel Tower - crepes and hot chocolate Pierre Herme- best macaroons on the Champs Elyse Le Grands Enfants - Halal French Dinner Angelinas- Cafe Patisserie Exki- healthy food shop at Terminal 2 

Day 1 - We stayed at The Westin Paris Vendôme, situated in central Paris, which overlooks the Jardin des Tuileries and the Eiffel Tower. With the renaissance feel we loved our room with a Parisian Balcony and the location itself in the fanciest part of Paris. After checking in we walked to the Louvre and just soaked in Paris in the rain! On the way we found the Eric Kayser, Cafe and we shared a tuna baguette and my daughter dug into a chocolate torte and a traditional hot chocolate. My goal was to get the flavor of the city without running around to see everything. We had to see the classics though, The Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe. It was a feast for the eyes and we spent a good few hours doing just that. We ate crepes at the Trocadero and macaroons from Pierre Herme on the Champs-Élysées and worked up an appetite for dinner by spending time at the Les Galeries Lafayette. We actually wanted to try the much acclaimed eclairs on the terrace restaurant but because of the wind it had closed early. For dinner I had booked a table at the Le Grandes Enfants a halal French Dining restaurant at Nation. It took us 40 mins from central Paris to get there by metro but I really think it’s worth the trip to enjoy the whole French experience with proper French food. We enjoyed the delicious meal from fois gras to veal and fillet mignot and my daughter having even more macaroons. We headed back to the hotel exhausted and went to sleep. Day 2- We walked through Jardin des Tuileries, to The Seine. We walked along the river until we found a boat operator that did tours. It was a relaxing way to start our day and get reaquainted with the city again. The tour was very informative and we covered all the bits we had missed the day before. My daughter like many her age are fascinated with Marie Antoinette. Therefor, we went to the Conciergerie - the prison where she spent the last days of her life and guillotined. It was very interesting. We enjoyed wondering around afterwards around the square then headed back to Rue de Rivoli for Brunch at the famous Angelina. We ordered a small tier platter that had an assortment of mini pastries, breads and quiche. The quiche for me was a good choice and my daughter devoured the chestnut brioche which became her next favorite thing with white hot chocolate. After brunch it was our time to go back, we walked passed the expensive boutiques taking in the exquisite architecture and embracing French culture at its best. As Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a good idea”, although i think that she should’ve added “especially with your daughter”! Paris is the perfect place for some mother and daughter bonding where you can take a break, experience life as a Parisian, and leave with memories that will last a lifetime. 

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