Eat Broccoli

Broccoli belongs to the same family as cauliflower, cabbage , kale and other cruciferous vegetables. It is low in calories and high in sulphur containing compounds that fight free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Even more reasons to eat broccoli: 1. Helps prevent cancer 2. Curbs overeating 3. Boosts immune health 4. Improves digestion 5. Fights diabetes 6. Fights heart disease 7. Promotes healthy bones 8. Regulates blood pressure 9. Prevents colds, high in vitamin C 10. Slows down aging 

Quick tips to enjoy more broccoli: * Keep it simple and sauté chopped broccoli drizzled with olive oil, cracked black pepper, and minced garlic. * Chop raw broccoli and add to your next wrap. * Top your flatbread or pizza with chopped broccoli before roasting. * Make your own pesto or pasta sauce and add broccoli. #eat #brocolli #goodforyou #eatgreens #cruciferous #cruciferousvegetables #cruciferouscrunch #vegetables #salads #soups #wraps #greensaregood #eatwell #livewell #bewell #shazeats #mandysway 

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