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I love spicy food even though it can be a bit painful to eat things as spicy as I enjoy. Many people like me enjoy the mouth burning sensations of spicy food but do you know there are many health benefits that go with it too. Chillies is what makes spicy food yummy. Chillies boast many amazing health-enhancing benefits. To make the most of these properties, you don’t need to start chomping on raw chillies! Chilli powder and condiments can also work this magic in varying degrees. Here are reasons why you might want to work some chillies into your diet:  1. They help with weight loss.  The heat from chilli peppers comes from the nutrient Capsicum, which can aid weight loss by boosting our metabolism. 2. They get you in a good mood.  After stimulating the tongue's pain receptors, endorphins are released when you eat chillies. 3. Rich Source of Iron They are a natural source of iron and thus recommended for iron deficient people and are also considered good for the eyesight. 4. Chillies boost circulation.  They thin blood and improve cholesterol levels making them great for heart health. 5. They keep you relaxed.  Chillies have pain-relieving properties, being anti-inflammatory and analgesic. A great relaxant, capsaicin blocks Substance P, a natural chemical involved in the transmission and perception of pain. 6. They're great for diabetics.  Studies show chillies reduce the body’s need for insulin to lower blood sugar by a staggering 60%. 7. They fight infection.  Pepper plants produce anti-fungal and anti-bacterial chemicals. 8. They're nature's own multi-vitamin.  Chillies are packed with antioxidants, vitamins A, B and C, Iron, Potassium and Manganese. 9. They're clear up congestion.  The hotter the curry the runnier the nose! Capsaicin can be applied topically for pain relief in inflammatory conditions without the numbing usually associated with anesthetics. Keep those tissues handy! 10. They fight cancer.  Capsaicin has been found to stop the spread of prostate cancer. 

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