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Training Excellence

A wonderful morning @the_rooftop_cafe with women from all over Gauteng and learning about self - empowering techniques that can help you “keep it all together” and how to navigate daily stressors and life challenges with greater ease and balance. All areas of the development of the whole self were covered from learning about using food as medicine, keeping the body in motion, quieting negative self-chatter, and setting personal goals to create a style of living for personal well-being, Become Financially Savvy and tips on still looking good.

@shazeats_mandysway were honored to be asked to be part of the panel of amazing women that included 

- Ms Hawa Charfaray -Setting Goals to create a style of living for personal Well-being - Ms Wilandy Hollaway - Women & Education/Personal Growth - Ms Thobeka Portia Matoka– Women & Beauty - Ms Lungelwa Mkhozo – Women & Positive Parenting - Ms Naseera Turkey – Women & Finance @shazeats_mandysway covered Women & Nutrition & Physical Health The highlight of the morning was a Key note address by Julie Steinberg, Ambassador for Difference Makers International South Africa and taking part in the Blue Ribbon Ceremony in which women are celebrated, appreciated and recognition is given that you make a difference. “Who I Am Makes A Differnce” Is a Global Movement to women. 44 Million people in the world have been impacted so far #trainingexcellence The lioness within us has awakened we are ready to ROARRRRRR!!!!

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