Health Benefits of Eating Radishes

1. Assists in digestive juice production 2. Manages many kidney problems 3. Assists in urinary problems 4. Great Weight Loss Food 5. Controls Blood Pressure 6. Dissolves Excess Mucus 7. Relieves Sore Throats 8. Anti-inflammatory 9. Cancer Fighting 10. Healthy heart 

Get creative in using this super food into your eating: * Slice them into thick slices and serve with veggie dip or hummus. * Steam or boil to soften them and sprinkle a hint of salt and pepper or garlic. * Incorporate pureed radishes into mashed potatoes or cauliflower to boost nutrient levels. * Dice raw radishes and incorporate them into salsas, dips, salads and slaws. * Thinly slice them and layer on sandwiches or burgers for an added crunch. * Add them to your fresh juice mixes Hippocrates, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well !!!! #radishes #superfood #nutrientpacked #salads #sandwiches #pickles #roast #sliced #goodforyou #antiinflammatory #hippocrates #foodmedicine #learn #shazeats #mandysway


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