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A Healthy, Balanced Eating Plan that Includes Chocolate and Cake

The best eating plan that one can follow is honestly an eating plan that you can do CONSISTENTLY for 3-6 months. We would go to the extent and say 6 months because that’s the minimum time it takes to make anything a lifestyle. If your goal is weight loss, then the truth is it cannot be instant. It takes a whole lot of effort and more mental effort to make something your ‘NEW NORMAL’ or your ‘NEW LIFESTYLE’. 

Why @shazeats_mandysway? We support you through the journey. At the start of the plan we listen, discuss and evaluate where you are emotionally and your emotional state of being. The thing is if you are emotionally very drawn to some other issue in your life it will be very challenging for you to stick with a plan and follow through with it. Once you are aware of where you are emotionally you can manage your expectations of yourself better and then make better choices and can be kinder to yourself when you slip up. @shazeats_mandysway we support you through the journey and work towards progress rather than perfection. Encourage you to Embrace #selflove Most importantly it’s eating all food groups and chocolate and cake ..... 

Join @shazeats_mandysway today @halaalfoodexpo at the UNISA Hall in Ormonde. Come and watch the food demo and taste the food created. Demo at 11.45 see you there ....

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