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While being in Kashmir, I had the experience of trying the traditional Wazwan. It is a custom to have this during a wedding week. When talking to the local people, they would immediately ask have you tried the Wazaan and when you say you have the main response is “You made my mouth water wish someone could send me a Trammi’. It’s a multi course dish with lots of protein and in which you can limit the carb intake. @shazeats_mandysway its all about balanced eating, embrace traditional dishes in new countries but in moderation. 1. Wazwan is cooked in special nickel-plated copper vessels over simmering fires of wood, preferably from old fruit trees. 2. There are between fifteen and thirty courses that are cooked overnight under the supervision of a master chef. 3. The red colour in Kashmiri cuisine is usually derived from Kashmiri chillies. 4. Wazwan is not a simple meal. It’s a ceremony. Guests are seated in a group of 4 on a sheet, usually white in color and share the meal in a Traem. 5. It begins with washing of hands in a basin called the Tash Naer. 6. You got to eat with your hands as a sign of respect. 7. When the lid of trammi is removed, there is an aroma of different dishes. A big paper tissue covers the entire ingredients of trammi before you could finally catch glimpse of mouth watering wazwan. Main dishes include * Maithi maaz * Rista (meatballs in a fiery red gravy) * Lahabi kabab or Moachi kabab (mutton kababs cooked in yogurt) * Waza kokur (chicken cooked whole) * Daeni phoul (mutton dish) * Doudha ras (mutton cooked in sweet gravy) * Rogan josh (tender lamb cooked in Kashmiri spices) * Tabak maaz (ribs of lamb simmered till tender) * Daniwal korma (a mutton curry with coriander) * Waza palak (green spinach cooked with small mutton balls) * Aab gosh (lamb curry) * Marchwangan korma (a spicy lamb dish) * Kabab (minced meat roasted on skewers over hot coals) * Gushtaba (a velvety textured meatball in white yogurt gravy) * Yakh'n (spiced yogurt curry) * Ruwangan chhaman (cheese squares in tomato gravy) * Dum aelva (potatoes cooked in yogurt gravy) * Gand Aanchaar(Onions with yoghurt) *phirni (milky rice pudding) #shazeats #mandysway 

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