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Accidental Muslims

Jazakallah to all the planners and organizers @accidentalmuslims a special thanks to Khalil Aleker, Sajeda Timol and Fehmz. It was an extremely insightful and profound experience to attend as a speaker and to listen to the stories of others. I have an immense attachment, love for South Africa and for many years I have told people that this country is the best place to be and again I felt proud that my life is here. South Africa is a land of multi-coloured beauty in every aspect of it’s embodiment and the diversity, the culture and the unity that comes through in different walks of life is resounding. Thank you for having a forum like @accidentalmuslims in giving a platform where voices are heard. A remarkable and successful event and May Allah bless all of you abundantly. We are made up of our memories. We are more substance than numbers. 

Champion South Africa ❤️@ashrafgarda 


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