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Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well!!!

Choose @shazeats_mandysway and learn what one must eat and why. On our 4 week starter program understand the need for balanced eating and the importance of good gut health. You are supported through the weeks to get you motivated, physically and mentally and we prepare you in a good mind set to change your eating habits for the better. We tackle issues of emotional eating and make you mindful of your food choices. Food is fuel!!! No matter what your goal is we focus into your nutrition and coach you through to make it a lifestyle and more importantly to make it sustainable. We encourage you to get moving, get lifting and keep at it. It’s not any more complicated then that. The formula is simple but not easy. Perfection not required. Hard work and consistency beats out everything, every single time. 

The four principles of Shazeats#Mandysway Planning Preparation Consistency Patience Strive for progress not perfection !!!!! 

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