Eat Your Greens and Gain Your Glow

There are incredible health benefits with eating and drinking copious amounts of dark greens. Green vegetables are rich in vitamin A – good for building your body's natural defences, vitamin C for healthy skin and bones and vitamin K to help your body heal itself quickly when necessary. In addition to these vitamins, beautiful green veg is also rich in potassium and iron.

This green juice recipe is an easy way to give your skin the glow you are after. Serves 4 Ingredients 4 Large Apples 6 Celery Stalks 2 bags of Kale Leaves Instructions Wash the ingredients under running water. Core the apples. De-stem kale leaves. Throw them in a juicer altogether with celery stalks, that have been cut into smaller pieces. The juicing takes literally a minute or two. Once juiced, pour into glasses and serve right away! #greens #goodforyou #greenglow #vitamins #vitamina #vitaminc #vitamink #potassium #betterskin #iron #foodblogger #juices #healthybones #fuelyourbody #eatallday #shazeats #mandysway 


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