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Tagine Meze Pots🇲🇦

My dearest friend Lubna, @thedesigndenx went to Morocco and had an insightful and intriguing trip around the North African country. Her blog encapsulated the history, culture and traditions that are embedded into the soil. Now and again I would ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the tagines that she showed during her endeavors. When I met her back from her travels I shrieked with joy when she presented me a gift of baby tagines with lids for a meze platter. The very next day I was enthused to use them for a family lunch. 

Tagine 1 - Gherkins, feta and olives Tagine 2- Homemade Hummus Tagine 3 - Courgette and Brinjal air fried chips Served with Grilled Moroccan Spiced Chicken and Peppers, Green Salad, Lemons and Pita Bread I thoroughly love using plates, platters, boards and all sorts of crockery that bring together an ensemble of the food cuisine eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food can take you to wherever you want to be and you can eat away to a far away land from home !!!! 

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