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Apple and Date Smoothie

So every morning when I tune into @itv_networks_sa I’m not sure myself what recipe will be coming up. So today was another smoothie recipe but there are porridge’s, eggs, baking, all healthy, sugar free and protein packed coming up throughout the month so stay tuned. This smoothie to remind you again is an immunity booster and packed with fiber to keep you energized and active throughout the day. Fat free milk is used to keep a calorie deficit so that you can maintain your weight. If you have dairy issues then use almond milk. This was my first recipe filmed and so excuse the repetitiveness 🤣🤣

Apple and Date Smoothie • 2 cups chilled, peeled and roughly chopped apples • 8 dates, deseeded and chopped • 1/2 cup fat free milk mixed with 1/2 cup yoghurt •1/4 tsp cinnamon Blend. 3-4 cups @itv_networks_sa 

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