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Traditional Shahshuka

Bursting with flavor and color, these North African/Middle Eastern poached eggs in spicy tomato sauce will satisfy all sorts of cravings.

Ingredients 4 eggs 2 large onions diced 1 red bell pepper cut into long strips 1 x 400g tin tomates, blended until no lumps remain or 2 large fresh tomatoes cut into cubes 100 g fat free Feta 1 tsp cumin seeds 2 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tsp suki sugar 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp smoked paprika 1/2 tsp coriander powder 1/2 tsp dried parsley 1 tsp thyme Salt and Pepper to taste 1 tbsp oil A few sprigs parsley to garnish.

Instructions 1. In a dry non stick pan , heat the cumin seeds over high heat for 1 minute 2. Now add the oil and onions to the pan. Allow to cook for five minutes. 3. Then add the bell pepper, sugar, garlic, thyme and parsley. 4. Allow to cook for a further 15 minutes on a medium heat, stirring occasionally to make sure it isn’t catching. 5. When the onions are a very dark brown, stir in the cayenne, paprika and coriander powder. 6. Mix the tomatoes into the pan with salt and pepper. 7. Cook for ten minutes over a medium/high heat stirring occasionally. 8. Crumble in the feta and mix through for 2 minutes. 9. Halve the mixture between 2 oven proof dishes and crack 2 eggs into each dish. Season the eggs. 10. Put the dishes under a hot grill for 5 – 6 minutes. Keep a close eye on it though to make sure it doesn’t catch. 11. Top with some chopped parsley and enjoy. Suhoor Eats with ShazEats on DSTV 347 @itv_networks_sa on the Morning Rush Show between 6-8am Small cast iron frying pans from @menas_kitchen_boutique 

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