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Benoni’s Fab Foodies

Cook Off @salaamedia 

An awesome event organized by @salaamedia. The morning that stretched into the early afternoon was full of good vibes, a warm ambience and showcased camaraderie of the best of a community that came together to support a cause #africarise The chefs in Benoni were amazing, full of talent, showed great creativity and presented their food impeccably. I had an enthralling time judging 25 dishes with the an amazing panel of women, @tasteoftaskadwa @bibisirkhot @ruyaida.moosa @asfeyah and Yasmeen Chamda, we couldn’t stop eating, every dish had a uniqueness and individual strengths shone through. 

Special thanks to @z_e_e_n_y and @fatima_p_sookharia and the whole team of people who got this event together. It was a real honour and pleasure being part of this wonderful day in Benoni. 

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