Date, Fig and Honey Ice Cream

I believe in BALANCE, eat well 80% of the time and give yourself the 20% for the things that you love to indulge in. In summer it’s got to be ice cream. This recipe uses double cream and there’s a compromise as such as no refined sugar is added its sweetened with honey, figs and dates. I first ate this combination of ice cream in India many years back and again some this year. This had to be recreated for the first sweet recipe of the season. Ingredients 250g figs (organic soft / ready to eat) 200g pitted dates 150ml raw runny honey 275ml double cream 100ml whole milk Instructions Put the figs, dates and honey in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add the cream and milk and process again until creamy. Either, pour into an ice cream machine and proceed according to maker’s instructions. Or, pour into a shallow container and freeze until crystals start to form (about 2 hours). Break up the crystals with a fork and return to freezer. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times. Cover and freeze until required. #summerweats #recipes #desserts #balance #icecream #date #fig #honey #dateandfig #foodblogger #foodie #tastetestingtraveller #food #foodporn #tvchef #lovefood #instafood #chef #shazeats  


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