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Mocktail Sangria

This drink is a combination of sparkling grape juice , cherry juice to make a lovely, elegant, fruity and thirst-quenching drink that is perfect for Summer siestas and parties.Add sparkling water for more fizz, in addition to the fresh fruits and ice. Certainly, not an every day drink, but life is about balance and an 80/20 ratio. Balanced not clean !!! 

Ingredients: 1 liter sparkling grape juice 1 Box Ceres fruits of the forest juice 1 sparkling water 100g grapes on stem 100g strawberries sliced 1 orange sliced 1 lemon sliced 1 lime sliced 1 peach sliced 2 cups ice cubes Method: 1. To a large jug , add the entire bottle cherry juice. Thoroughly clean and cut all of the fruit but the leave the grapes intact on their stems. 2. Add the sliced fruit to the juice and let it sit in the jug for about 30 minutes, covered. 3. Just before serving, add the sparkling grape juice and water to the juice. Add the ice. 4. Drape the grapes over the jug or use a few grapes to decorate individual cups when serving. Ladle juice into cups with bits of fruit for everyone to enjoy. #summereats #summerdrinks #mocktails #fruit #juice #sparkling #grapes #cherry #peach #lemons #limes #oranges #foodphotography #foodstagram #foodblogger #foodinfluencer #balance #notclean #nutritionaltherapy #healthcoach #shazeats  

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