Saffron, Pistachio and Cardamon Agar Agar Pudding

May 18, 2018

China grass which is also called agar agar is a natural vegetable gelatin counterpart obtained from algae. It is used for making varieties of desserts like custards, pudding and jellies. It also acts as coolant to our body. I have made China grass puddings with rose syrups, condensed milk and even melted chocolate. Making it high in fat and in calories and in turn not so healthy. This Saffron, Pistachio and Cardamon Pudding is made with fat free milk and xylitol. It’s not as creamy and rich as it is meant to be made traditionally but certainly feels like a well deserved guilt free treat after the taraweeh prayer. 

Saffron, Pistachio and Cardamom Pudding
* 500ml of fat free milk * 2 1/2 tbsp of xylitol * 2 tsp agar agar * 2 tbsp klim mixed with water * 1/4 tsp cardamon powder
* 1 tbsp sliced pistachios * 2 pinches saffron 

1. Boil milk in a pan and once it comes to boil add xylitol ,klim paste and cardamon powder.
2. Stir well and boil for 2-3minutes
3. Add agar agar to milk and keep stirring on medium heat for another 2-3 minutes.
4. Remove from heat and pour it into any dish. Sprinkle the pistachios and strands of saffron. Refrigerate for half an hour or until it is set.
Saffron from all the way beautiful Kashmir❤️


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