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Sardines in a Tomato Sauce, Curried Scrambled Eggs on Toast

Sardines, pilchards, mackerels, herrings tinned are healthy, sustainable, and, best of all, delicious. They contain three of the nutrients a lot of people are often deficient in, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin D. 

Tinned fish is great to have in your pantry as a protein source these are some reasons why: 1. It’s Inexpensive, so you can buy these fish on a budget and still get all the nutritional benefits of the more expensive fresh type. 2. Shelf life on tinned fish is long, so keep them in your pantry at all times for a quick meal. 3. Tinned fish is already cooked, no dishes to wash but there are lots of ways to make the fish tastier and yummy. 4. Tinned fish is of high quality protein and good fats. 5. Tinned fish is sustainable, low traces of mercury. 6. Tinned fish is so versatile you can mash them on crackers, make a salad, turn them into a sandwich spread, cook into sauces. I especially like it braised in onions and tomato and spices. 7. Tinned fish a good source of vitamin D and is also a rich source of selenium - an antioxidant credited with reducing rates of heart disease and cancer. Bottom line, although at times, the thought of having a tinned fish may dismay you. Think of the benefits and the convenience of using it in concocting delicious and nutrient packed meals. #meal1#meal2#brunch#eatfishallday#sardinesintomatosauce#curriedeggs#proteinpacked#nutrientpacked#superfoods#ontoast#carbsaregoodforyou#fuelyourbidywithfood#shazeats#mandysway 

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