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Mango, Chia, Protein Overnight Oats

Underneath the Mango Tree, Dr No, James Bond 🎶🎶🎶

Each recipe has its own creative thought out process behind it. My brain takes inspiration meta-cognitively from many different things in various scenarios. Uniquely branching out to new ideas making the recipe form and develop. Inspiration can come in many ways ways from either images to writing it can spark a connection but in this case it was vocalized and portrayed by music. So... this fresh summery breakfast came about from hearing the Mango song from the DR NO, James Bond Movie. Amidst looking at the dreamy Bond himself I actually caught on to the Mango song being played. While imagining being in the moment caught up by the scene the recipe sparked and developed rapidly in my brain. Making me rushing over to the fruit shop to pick up fresh mangoes and other ingredients and adding in the ISO Vanilla Whey Protein to make up and collate the recipe. Although it is simple it is yet fresh and delicious and is prepped the night before ready for breakfast. So after all, my husband weekly binge watch of all Bond movies really sparked an idea just through that catchy song. "Underneath the mango tree...." And in this case I keep re-watching James Bond in, Dr No, to go back to the scene and stare into the dreamy eyes of the Bond himself with the song in the background!! 

Mango, Chia, Protein Overnight Oats 1 cup rolled oats 2 tbsp chia seeds 1/2 chopped mango 2 tbsp ISO Vanilla Whey Protein 1 cup fat free milk Mix all the above ingredients together and leave ovenight in the fridge. In the morning put into bowl and top with chia seeds, mango and a kiwi. 


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