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EXKI, Natural, Fresh and Ready, Paris

Can you believe I found a healthy eating restaurant at Charles De Gaul Airport in Paris. I often wonder how this keeps happening but actually it’s just that there is an overall more conscious effort globally to eat healthy. Even in the land of carbs, sugar and butter. Exki, natural, fresh and ready offers fresh and natural products, with no additives, to eat in or take away. It has a vast range from full breakfasts to sandwiches and salads, "home-made" soups, vegetable tarts, and not forgetting delicious desserts using trending ingredients that are organic and vegetarian friendly

. I had a lot of good food in Paris and a few treats but I was really impressed with quiches on offer at Exki. The quiches were protein packed and under 150 calories per slice and a much needed healthy choice for my daughter and I on the way home from Paris. The flavours were rather interesting and I cant wait to make up my own @shazeats_mandysway quiche when i get back. I need to get back to my kitchen soon ....this taste testing traveling has got my creative juices going. 

Pic 1: Salmon and Mushroom Quiche Pic 2: Garam Masala and Courgette and Butternut Quiche Pic: Pear, Leek and Gorgonzola Quiche

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