Fuel Your Body With Food

For a healthy, trimmer body, get the right fuel for your body. Working out makes up 20% of your results. Adequate rest makes up 20% of your results. Most importantly balanced and adequate nutrition makes up the remaining 60% of your results. 

Your body needs energy for everyday tasks from sleeping, digestion, going to work to strength training, cardio, weight lifting, walking, etc. This energy comes from food. The calories in food are fuel for your body. If you don’t supply the fuel then you will suffer from the following: * Strength Loss. Your body doesn’t receive the energy it needs for the physical activities you do. You’ll feel tired and weak at the gym. * Fat Gains. Fat is emergency storage for your body. Your body burns muscle for energy first when you don’t eat. You’ll become skinny but fat. * Muscle Loss. The weight loss is muscle loss. Muscle loss equals fat gains as muscle burns more calories than fat. Good nutrition, instead of junk food can build muscle, not fat. A protein packed eating plan like @shazeats_mandysway can help you shed those unwanted kilos and keep your belly full. On @shazeats_mandysway learn to eat the right amount of all food groups and the right kind of protein to get the health benefits. Join @shazeats_mandysway and learn how to fuel your body. Booking and contact details on www.shazeats.com #foodisfuel #eatright #eatallday #body #needs #energy #goodnutrition #balanced #allfoodgroups #protein #foodgroups #carbsaregood #5meals #learn #healthyeating #goodfood #rightchoices #instahealthyfood #instahealthylife #instagood #instafood #eat #shazeats #mandysway 

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