Chocolate Overnight Oats with Berries

Chocolate Overnight Oats with Berries Perfect way to start the weekend, this recipe is a family favorite and can be made up the night before and ready to eat for suhoor. Ingredients * 1 cup rolled Oats * 2 cup Fat Free Milk * 2 tbsp fat free yoghurt * 2 tsp Cocoa Powder * 2 tbsp Chocoalte ISO Whey Protein Powder * Dash of cinnamon Instructions 1. Whisk the milk, yoghurt, cocoa powder, cinnamon, whey protein together with a hand whisk to get rid of any lumps. Add the oats. Stir in. Make sure that the oats are completely covered with the milk. 2. Place the mixture in a Tupperware and close with a lid. Place into the refrigerator and leave overnight. 3. Enjoy the next morning, pour into a bowl or a mason jar, top with fresh berries, cacoa nibs and add more milk if you please. Benefits of berries: Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, called anthocyanins, that may help keep memory sharp as you age, and raspberries contain ellagic acid, a compound with anti-cancer properties. All berries are great sources of fiber, a nutrient important for a healthy digestive system. Suhoor Eats with ShazEats on @itv_networks_sa DSTV 347 every morning on the Morning Rush Show 6-8am 

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