Kashmiri Spices

Kashmir along with its beauty is famous for the mouth-watering Kashmiri spices. Kashmir, in Northern India can boast several spices that bring out the authentic Kashmiri taste in various dishes in cooking all around the world. Spices like Saffron, Kashmiri red chili powder, and variances of cumin that include shahi jeera, black jeera, Kashmiri jeera and Himali jeera, are used traditionally in the cuisine of Kashmir Valley region and influence the flavors of meals all over the world. However, The genuine cuisine from Kashmir is mild in taste and recognized through its rich flavour with the use of different spices. For breakfast overlooking the Dal Lake I had a a Dosa cooked with all its various Kashmiri fresh spices, heavenly bliss !!!! 

Top Tip: Spice in your food boosts up your metabolism

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